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A premier scuba diving company for the discriminating diver


For more than 45 years we have been dedicated to teaching, instructing and educating those, who as much as we do, have felt the passion that the sea and all its creatures motivate.  With that in mind, our teachings all balance the technical aspects of diving with a zero impact on the ecology.  We of ENOMIS VIP DIVING CURACAO know that what we do brings happiness to the many who trust us, but we are also aware that if we do not do things right we risk them too.  Fortunately, in our 45 years of expertise we have never had any such experiences, nor will we ever if it depends on us.  We not only certify our students when they have succeeded in their practical and theoretical examinations, but also when we trust that they have become apt, sure, and conscientious divers.  We take safety very seriously and therefore we only hire and/or certify Divemasters and Instructors whom we feel we could entrust with the lives of our own children under the sea. 

We are here to serve our customers by providing the highest quality customer service, products and knowledge possible.  We will make all reasonable efforts to satisfy your needs.  We will never knowingly sell or recommend a product we believe is not in your best interest.  If at any time you are not satisfied with our service, please bring it to our attention and afford us the opportunity to correct the situation.  Your thoughts and comments are very important to our continued success.  If you were happy with our performance, your greatest compliment would be to tell a friend and to leave a comment on our guestbook.  To all our old friends and friends to be, please join us on at our facebook page of:  Enomis VIP Diving Curacao.


The owners and staff of VIP DIVING CURACAO.                       



P.S.    DO NOT DIVE WITH US IF...............................


1)  You like your divemasters to be inexperienced and not interested in your diving enjoyment and/or safety.

2)  You like not being able to dive as long as you desire (keeping in mind the Adjusted No Decompression limits and other safety considerations of course).

3)  You like the staff to be more interested in partying, drinking beer, using substances not recommended before during or after diving,  than being interested in the business of diving and affording the best care in relation to the serious but fun business of safe, slow, easy diving.

4)  You like being in large classes while taking the PADI courses, therefore depriving yourself of the much more intimate atmosphere and easier learning environment of small class sizes.

5) You like using old, worn out rental equipment when diving with the dive center of your choice.

6)  You do not like diving with Divemasters or learning from Instructors who have been in the diving industry for at least 10 years or more.